Jun 18, 2013


This dress...

Made from five meters of pure silk, this handmade Baroque print dress is one of my statement pieces from The Anomaly Collection. I am very much on the simpler side of the spectrum when it comes to evening dresses or gowns and it's mostly a matter of effortless elegance for my taste. It shouldn't look like I spent 3 hours getting ready, or this is so outside the box you have to notice it. It's more along the lines of I threw this on et voila
What I love about this dress is that put on a pair of heels, minimal jewelry; it immediately translates so easily into a look for an evening of glamour. Take off the heels, the jewelry and it shifts. Laid back, and more about that unanticipated elegance, the kind of elegance that makes you feel like you don't even need to try.
 The fabric pretty much speaks for itself. It didn't take me long to know it belonged to The Anomaly Collection
Stay tuned for Anomaly No. 6